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Member Website Listing

This website listing is provided as a service to the membership on an opt-in basis; you will not be listed unless you request it. AGS is not responsible for the content of any website listed here and does not endorse any farm or herd. If you are an AGS member and would like your website added, changed or deleted you must e-mail the office with "AGS member web listing" as the subject line. Please include your name, state you live in, URL, and membership ID number for reference.

If you don't see your listing and think it should be here, please check with the AGS Office to see if you are current on dues. Broken links will be removed. No non-farm websites allowed.

Aaron, Brandie (AR)
Ables, Debbie (TX)
Abt, Tristian (OH)
adetoro, zaheed (MD)
Adkins, Tosha (TN)
Ahola, Elizabeth (CO)
Akin, Amy (KY)
Albright, Alex (MD)
Alecock, Ann (IL)
Alex-Rice, Heather (PA)
Alexander, Adam (IA)
Allen, Alice (CA)
Allen, Ashley (TX)
Allen, Jessica (CA)
Allen, Joanna (MA)
Allgood, Stacey (WA)
Altman, Randi (MD)
Ammon, Kelli (ID)
Anderson, Beth (MT)
Anderson, Cara (CO)
Anderson, Elise (FL)
Anderson, Lori (FL)
Anderson, Luke (CA)
Anderson, Traci (FL)
Anderson, Voni (TN)
Andes, Mindy (PA)
Angel, Tawni (CA)
angle, shelly (MO)
Anschutz, Virginia (TX)
Antal , Angela (IN)
anthony, katie (NH)
Antonacci, David (NY)
Aquilino, Andrea (NJ)
Archuleta, Laura (CO)
Arke, Shellie (FL)
Arnold, Anita (PA)
Arthur, Marie (NE)
Ashby, Sandra (TX)
Atteberry, Robert B. (TX)
Austin, Alison (NH)
Awtrey, Melissa (TX)
Baasi, Brittany (MN)
Babb, Terry (AL)
Babcock , Celestia (WA)
Bachand, Cindy (ME)
Back , Vicki (KS)
http://Back Country Goats
Baer, Julie (TX)
Bagwell, Teena (SC)
Baile, Aurora (MD)
Bailey, Aaron (MI)
Bailey, Camilla (NH)
Bailey, Heather (CA)
Baird, Derek (ID)
Baker, Kylie Nikolle (NJ)
Ball, J&B Farms (WV)
bane, john (NC)
Banks, Jennifer (WA)
Bankson, Rae (MS)
Barbour, Theresa (VA)
Bardsley, Cathy (RI)
Bare, Bryan (MD)
Bare, Lisa (MD)
Bargy, Dian (NY)
Barhite, Audrey (NY)
Barker, Kyle (NC)
Barr-Jones, Teresa (TX)
Barrett, Rachel (TX)
Barry, Susan (CT)
Bartee, Brett (MO)
Bartman, Tammy (NC)
Barton, Tobi (AZ)
Bartram, Carey (TX)
Bates, Gary (AR)
Bates, Sarah (OK)
Bates, Tony (KS)
Baugh, Sarah (WA)
Baugh, Sarah (WA)
Bays, Katharine (IL)
Beason, Katie (CA)
Beatson, Sandra (VA)
Beaty, Joy (IN)
Beaudette, Laurene (MA)
Bedwell, Tahra (IA)
Beebe, Heather (VA)
Beemer, Kristy (PA)
Beery, Jordan (CA)
Belonga, Keith (MI)
Bennett, Amber (MI)
Benton, Loran (MI)
Bernal, Truman (CA)
Bernhardt, Sharon (IL)
Bernot, Gwyn (KY)
Berns-Wright, Sheri (VT)
Berry, Lynne (TN)
Bestor, Carrie and Catie (TX)
Bevill, Tooti and Tanner (CA)
Bichrest, Jacob (CO)
Bidwell, Chane & Michelle (NE)
Binder, Dayle (TX)
Birch, Xochi (CA)
Birr, Dawn (IN)
Bishop, Cindy (PA)
Bishop, Corina (MO)
Bishop Perera, Sadie (MO)
Bittrolff, Deb (CO)
Bjur, Dori (OR)
Blakley, Robin (NC)
Blechschmidt, Kate (IL)
Bloomfield, Casey (MD)
Bo, Marianne (CT)
Boal, Neal and Betty Ann (NE)
Boatright, Donna (FL)
Bodine, Jill (WA)
Boettcher, Tina M (MO)
Boggess-Couto, Mary Jane (OH)
Boland, Helen (MA)
Bolles, Jennifer (MO)
Boney, Marcia (PA)
Bong, Margaret (WI)
Boody, Natalie (TN)
Bookhammer, Evelyn (PA)
Boone, Peggy (UT)
Boothe, Claire (AL)
Boring , Gene (CA)
Bos, Arianna (NJ)
Both, Robert (WI)
Boucher, Patricia (MA)
Bourque, Amy Joe (KY)
Boushie, Wyatt (MO)
Boussuge, Sarah (WY)
Bouwkamp, Jackie (MI)
Bove, Danielle (MD)
Bowen , Lisa (VA)
Bowens, Kim (MO)
Bowser, Crystal (AZ)
Boyce, Karen (NJ)
Boyce, Karen (NJ)
Boyce, Karen (NJ)
Boyd, Jennifer (GA)
Boyer, Matthew (VA)
Boyes, Linda (MA)
Bradley, Jennifer (CT)
Bramley, Della (TX)
Brandt, Heidi (MT)
Brandt, Wendy (MT)
bravesnow, nyla (ME)
Brewer, Andrea (CO)
Brimhall, Ashleigh (MT)
Brinkman, Robert (NY)
Brockett, Riana (NY)
Broderick, Patricia (NM)
Brouillet, McKenzy (AK)
Brown, Dallas (AZ)
Brown, Terri (VA)
Broyan, Julie (PA)
Bruckart, Roger (OR)
Brun, Jessica (KY)
Bryant, WILLIAM (NC)
Buchen, Kim (PA)
http://Country Club Miniatures
Buck, David (CT)
Buck, Lauren (WV)
Bugni, Angela (WA)
Bullington, Marybeth (OR)
Buoni, Valerie (GA)
Burke, Holly (TX)
Burmeister, Alexandra (TX)
Burnett, Jamie (IN)
Burney, Aimee (TN)
Burns, Debbie (TX)
Burns, Wade (NC)
Burt, Sydney (CO)
Burton, Betsy (CO)
burton, sarah (NC)
Busch, Lori (MO)
Bush, Angie (FL)
Byers, Emma (TX)
Byrd, David (TN)
Byrd, Kris (TX)
Cable , Christina (NY)
Cabrera, Aimee (CO)
Cadwallader, Vivian (NM)
Cadwell, Jennifer (CA)
Caldwell, Kelsey (IN)
Callison, Corey & Tanya (MT)
Campbell, Chuck C. (NC)
Campbell, Rebecca (CA)
Camphouse, Lauri (ID)
Cannella, Lori (PA)
Canon, Mel (VA)
Cantrell, Mandy (GA)
Capps, Brandi (OK)
Caraballo, Jennifer (OH)
Carlson, Linda & Eric (CA)
Carlyle, Jennifer (GA)
Carson, Dustin (PA)
Carter, Lisa (WA)
Caruso, Phylis (FL)
Casner, Liz (FL)
Cassara, Dianne (GA)
cassidy, debbie (TX)
Cataldo, Summer (TX)
Cavazos, Priscilla (TX)
Cedeno, Amanda (NY)
Cederdahl, Jay (CA)
Cernich, Jennifer (IL)
Chadbourne, Mary Ellen (ME)
Chamberlin, Collette (AR)
chambers, Beverly (TX)
Chandler, Andrea (VA)
Chandler, Bonnie (MA)
Chandler, Michelle (MA)
Chapin, Dave & Danielle (MO)
Chapman, Julia (VA)
Cheal, Catheryn (MI)
chenail, nikki (AL)
Childress, Andrea (IN)
Childs, Maralee (CA)
Chirrick, Chelsea (OR)
Chrissy Moeller, spochedo (OUT)
Christopher, Patricia & John (OK)
Cichocki, Lauren (PA)
Clapp, Pamela (IA)
Clark, Juliana (FL)
Clevenger, Sharie (OR)
Cloud, Tracy (OR)
Coakley, Charlie (IN)
Cochrane, Carrie (AZ)
Coggin, Leslea (MO)
Coiro, Julie (NJ)
Cole, Lauri (OH)
Cole, Shannon (AR)
Collicott, Lonna (OR)
Collier, Richard and Kim (TX)
Collins, Catherine (NH)
Collins, Heather (NY)
Collins, Jenny (IN)
colman, mary (NC)
Conner, Jan (GA)
conrad, charles (NC)
Conrad-Ericson, Courtney (IL)
Cook, Cynthia (TX)
Cook, Jan (TN)
Cook, Tanya (FL)
Cook, Taylor (TX)
Cooke, Maureen (NM)
Cooper, Tiana (CA)
Corbett, Julia (AR)
Corn, Ted Logan (NC)
Cornwell, Kristin (MN)
Cothran, Rebecca (CA)
Coughlin, Cheryl (NJ)
Courtney-Gordon, Lisa (PA)
Cowart, Mitzi (LA)
Cox, Leah (TX)
Cox, Susan (WI)
Craine, Pamela (TX)
Craine, Tammy (IA)
Craun, Emmary (PA)
Craun, Linda (PA)
Crawford, Teresa (VA)
Creamer, Tinia (WV)
Creasy, Jaycen (VA)
Creed, Roberta (MI)
Crenshaw, Ryan (IN)
Crick, Christopher (TN)
Crittendon, Joann (SC)
Crocker, Kailey (AR)
Cross-Phaler, Heidi (CA)
Crow, Jessica (FL)
Crowe, Paula (NC)
Crowley, Patricia (CO)
Crowley, Terri (KY)
Cruz, Wendy (TN)
Cummings, Julie (PA)
Cuppett, Mike & Amy (PA)
Curran, Patty (PA)
Cusack, Melinda (IL)
Dahms, Cheryl (IA)
Dain, Deanne (CA)
Dalton, Tina (VA)
Darby, Tracy (MI)
Darnell, Jennifer (VA)
Dautrich, Michael (PA)
Davi, Deborah (CA)
Davila, Audra (IA)
Davis, Chris (TX)
Davis, Cindy (CA)
Davis, Hunter (VA)
Davis, Jennifer (CA)
Davis, Jimmy (TX)
Davis, Netanya (CO)
Davis, Nichole (AZ)
Davis, Toni (FL)
Day, Tammy (NH)
Dean, Katie (CA)
Deane, Stephanie (PA)
DeBuck, Ella (NY)
http://DeBuck HomeStead
DeLisle, Dorothy (CA)
DeLisle, Dorothy (CA)
DeLong, Edward (GA)
Denman, Larry (TN)
Dennisson, Rachel (NM)
Denny, Jessica (AK)
Deptula, Kristen (CT)
Derbyshire, Ella (NY)
Dexter, Kimberly (WV)
diaz, sandra (UT)
Dible, Denice (PA)
DiDomenico, Janna (KY)
Diehl, Taylar (OK)
Dignan, Casey (PA)
Ditton, David & Karen (MO)
Dixon, Edwin F. (ID)
Dixson, Karen (IA)
Djonne, Jenny (MN)
Dodson, Stephen (GA)
Doerge, Mary (OH)
Doerr, Kimberly (NY)
Dolan, Sara (AZ)
Donahue, Barbara (RI)
Doornbos, Charity (MI)
Dora, Kristen (FL)
Dorsey, Ellen (OK)
Douglas, Alexandra (FL)
Dow, Carmon (MS)
Downey Hart, Cory (WA)
Doyle, Charles (FL)
Drew, Adam (NH)
duffy, jason (NY)
dugan, janeann (CA)
Duke, Breanne (OH)
Dunahee, Glenda (MO)
Dunn, Janice (CA)
Dunn, Roxanne (MT)
Duong, Thanh and Liz (CA)
Dupre, Roxanne (LA)
Duwall, Jennifer (PA)
Dvarishkis, Leigh (WY)
Earl, Deedra (FL)
Early, Delores (IA)
Eastham, Natalie (FL)
Eby, Gater (CA)
Edler, Ellen (NY)
Edwards, Kylie (NY)
Ehrhardt, Susan (OK)
Elkins, Donna (CA)
Ellis, Audra (NC)
Elsberry, Terri (ID)
Engelsman, Elizabeth (MI)
Eppler, Susan (WA)
Ericson, Sarah (NH)
Eslinger-Hamilton, Kristin (CA)
Estes, Raeana & Derwin (MS)
Estevez, Roe Ann (TX)
Evans, Natasha (KY)
Evenson, Tiffany (MO)
Faeth, Mary (CA)
Fair, Heather (AK)
Fallot, Melissa (VT)
falls, tina (SC)
Family, Odom (CA)
Farley, Tami (ME)
Farm, Chaverah (MT)
Farm, Heavenly Springs (IN)
Farrington, Jennifer (ME)
Faulks-Fortunato, Suzanne (WA)
Fay, Dianea (KS)
Feather, Melissa (AZ)
Fenoglio, Mary (TX)
Ferebee, James (SC)
Ferguson, Lee Ann (NC)
Fike, Beverly (AL)
Finch, Jennifer (MA)
Fisher, Margarete (CO)
FitzGerald, Danielle (FL)
Flewelling, Marissa (ME)
Flint, Deborah (KY)
Flynn, Catherine (NH)
Foltz, Katie (OUT)
Ford, Mollie (TX)
forgey-schmitt, toni (AZ)
Forrester, Donna (TX)
Foster, Ken (PA)
Fox, Mark W. (PA)
Fraine, Brenden (TN)
Franke, Dawn (OR)
Fraser, Brandie (MI)
Freehill, Mary (TX)
Freeman, Lisa (NC)
Freeman, Michael (GA)
Freiberg, Serena (TX)
French, Lisa (KY)
Frentz, Jamie (MS)
Frost, Carissa (MD)
Frost, Tarin (AL)
Funk, David (NY)
Furnari, Andi (NC)
Gallaway, Ashley (OH)
Garber, Melissa (TN)
Gardner, Christina (IN)
Gardner, Jessica (ID)
Garner, LaDonna (MO)
Garvin, Lorna (CA)
Garvin, David & Lorna (CA)
Gaskin, Jamie (AR)
Gebhardt, Doug (MT)
Geiser, Donna (NV)
Gene, Boring (CA)
Gentry, Deena (CA)
Gerle, Sharon (ND)
Gibbs, Elizabeth (VA)
Gibson, Joe & Stephanie (PA)
Giles, Laura (VA)
Giles, Rikke (WA)
Giliberti, Diane (VA)
Gilreath, Meaghan (MI)
Gisch, Jeff & Kelly (IA)
Glattfelder, Crystal & Brandy (AZ)
Godwin, Jessie (NC)
Goen, Wesley (MO)
Goforth, Ernestine (CA)
Gomes, Steven (MA)
Gooden, Karen (OK)
Goodman, Shery (UT)
Goodnight, Lynette (CO)
Goss, Jamie (NJ)
Gotthardt, Glenys (MI)
Graham, Adam (ME)
Graham, Jill (CO)
Graham, Jill (CO)
Gramlich, Joseph (PA)
Grant, Jessica (MA)
Grasse, Lynne (WI)
Green, Andrea (WA)
Green, Helene (MD)
Green, Melissa (GA)
greenfield, sarah (TX)
Greer, Tasha (NC)
Gregory, Lisa (OH)
Gretebeck, Rebecca (WI)
Greyn, Leigh (MT)
Gribble, Jan (NM)
Griffin, Danelle (GA)
Groff, Brandon (PA)
Groff, Brandon (PA)
Grossnickle, Jennifer (CO)
Guay, Julie (ME)
Guerin, Pierre (NY)
Guillemette, Michelle (ME)
Gulutzo, Cindy (TX)
Guss, Lisa (IL)
Gustafson, Trisha (OUT)
Gutmann, Thomas (FL)
Hagerman, Amy (MI)
Hainley, Christine (PA)
Hale-MacKinnon, Robert (VA)
Hall, Chelsea (IN)
Hall, Christne (AR)
Hall, Jaclyn (NY)
Hall, Jaclyn (NY)
Hall, Lila (ME)
Halsted, Jennifer (ID)
Hambright, Sallie (SC)
Hamilton, David (AZ)
Hamilton, Jennifer (CA)
Hansen, Gemima (CA)
Hansen, Pascale (IN)
Hansen, Tanya (WI)
Hanshaw, Megan (WV)
Hardin, Nicole (WA)
Hargett, Bethany (CA)
Haring, Pamela (UT)
Harless, Julie (OH)
Harlow, Denise (MO)
Harlow, Denise (MO)
Harnish, Kathryn (ME)
Haroldson, Mary (PA)
Harper, Debi (TX)
Harper, Stefanie (CA)
Harper, Stefanie (CA)
Harris, Elizabeth (MA)
Harris, Virginia (NM)
Harrison, David (CA)
Harrison, Jean (CA)
Harrison, Robert (MS)
Hart, John (NC)
Hatch, Delilah (ME)
Havener, Tamara (TN)
havlik, Janice (CA)
Hays, Carol (OR)
Hays, Francine (TX)
Hayward, Jeannette (MI)
Haywood, Duane (MI)
Heagy, Linda (WA)
Heard, Erin (TX)
Heath, Jordana (NC)
Hecker Jimmerson, Kelly (MI)
Helgeland, Gilbert (FL)
hendy, brandy (IL)
Hensley, David (TN)
Hentz, George and Linda (AZ)
Hester, Carla (OH)
Hester, Jennifer (FL)
Hetland, Denise (WA)
Hetrick, Nathan (MI)
Hicks, Danielle (TX)
Hill, Jimmy (NC)
Hill, Makenzie (CA)
hiller, heather (AR)
hiller, heather (AR)
Hinrickson, Sierra (IA)
Hoats, Lynn (PA)
Hobbs, Mallory (VA)
Hochhalter, Shannon (MT)
Hoenmans, Jill (TN)
Hoenmans, Jill (VA)
Hoffman, Megan (MD)
Hollaway , Kay (NV)
http://none at this time
Holmes, Cindy (OK)
Holt, Shawna (MT)
Holterman, Dawn (MO)
Homer, Laurie (OR)
Honken, Pam (KS)
Hoopengardner, Mike (IN)
Hoover, Jean (LA)
Hope, Linda (MO)
Hopkins/Adams, Denise, Gary and RJ (CO)
Hord, Teresa (CA)
Houseman, Tamara (IL)
Howard, Ethelyn (ID)
http://it's coming soon
Howell, Sandra (MO)
Hubert, Thomas (NY)
Hudspeth, Bobbye (AL)
Hughes, Donna (OK)
Hughes, Sandy (TN)
Hullett, Paul (SC)
Hunter, Gabriele (WV)
Hur, Kimberley (TX)
Hutcheson, Daniel & Brandi (AL)
Hutcheson, Shelley (WV)
Hutcheson, Shelley (WV)
Huyett, Eric (PA)
Isom, valerie (NE)
Jackson, Gregory (PA)
Jackson, Jamie (TX)
Jackson, Jennifer (IA)
jackson, polly (MS)
Jacobs, Bev (AZ)
Jaffery, Victoria (CT)
James, Jacqua (LA)
Johnson, Ansley (AL)
Johnson, Barbara F. (VA)
Johnson, Donna (NC)
Johnson, Donna (NC)
Johnson, Julia (OR)
Johnson, Luann (MO)
Johnson, Michele (KS)
Johnson, Randi (CA)
Johnson, Tasha (WA)
Johnson Walker, Danielle (ME)
Johnston, Mary (TX)
Jolly, Rick (OH)
Jones, Carson (PA)
Jones, Sherri (TN)
Jones , Tracy A (MO)
Joseph, Kaywin (VA)
Kahl, Kim (WI)
kalfas, sheri (AZ)
Kamer, Denise (NJ)
Kaplewski, Joshua (WI)
Kary, Lynne (CA)
Kaufman, Melinda (OH)
Keach, Andrew (KY)
Keene, Elizabeth (IL)
keller, ellen (AZ)
Kelly, Megan (CA)
Kelly, Rebecca (PA)
Kennedy, Jane (CA)
Kennedy, Joann (WA)
Kenney, Cristie (MA)
Kenny, Bradley (TN)
Kerbo, Nancy (CA)
Kerley, Kayla (LA)
Kidd, Donna (AL)
King, Donna (NC)
King, Jessica (PA)
King, Vicky (AR)
kinser, jennifer (GA)
Kirkpatrick, Heidi (CA)
Klem, Shannon (MT)
Knapp, Barbara (MD)
Kniffin, Lora (NM)
Kolbeck, Julianne (SD)
Korfus, Christina (WA)
Kosch, Calandra (NE)
Kowalik, Amy (TX)
Kraft, Sundari (CO)
Kramer, Dylan (CO)
Kremer, Michael (MI)
Kress, Lawanda (WV)
Kretzschmar Jr, Erwin (TX)
Kritter, Lynne (VA)
Krog, Lance (MN)
Krutel, Alyssa (AZ)
Krzaczkowski, Kaitlin (NJ)
Kuchan, Rachel (NM)
Kueck, Taylor (WA)
Kuha, Susan (WI)
kuhaneck, Sarah (CO)
Kunnath, Rhonda (CA)
Kutchman, Megan (WA)
Kuzma, Mary Kay (OH)
Lacy, Katie (NY)
Laffey, Kelly (CO)
Laffey, Kelly (CO)
Lake, Jessica (TX)
Lambourne, Sarah (UT)
Lane, Julie (MO)
Lang, Marvin (AR)
Langen, Kathleen (PA)
Langley, Margaret (AL)
Lanphear, Margaret (MA)
Lanphear, Margaret (MA)
Lanphear, Margaret (MA)
Larrabee, Darin (KY)
Larsen, Carrissa (VT)
Larsen, Mike (CA)
Larson, Payton (WI)
Larson, Robyn (CO)
Las, Karen (MN)
Lathrop, Judy (MD)
Latka, Cheryl (CA)
Lavoie, Robert (VA)
Lavooi Sherrer, Cheryl (ID)
Lawrence, Shannon (GA)
Lawson, Tamara J (AZ)
Leap, John & Elizabeth (NC)
Lee, Darlene (AZ)
Lee, Greg (GA)
Lee, Nancy (MI)
Leech, Belinda (NJ)
Lentz, Ashton (NC)
Lesher, Joan (NC)
Lessie, Jamie (CA)
Lewis, Cheri (OK)
Lewis, Cheri (OK)
Lewis, Crystal (ME)
Lewis, Kathryn (AZ)
Lewis, Trisha (NC)
Lewis, Vanessa (CA)
Light, Katy (GA)
Light, Katy (GA)
Lightcap, Jessica (PA)
Lillich, Cindy (NC)
Lilly-Vasquez, Angenette (NC)
Lindblom, Carol (NC)
Linderoth, Janice (AR)
Lindow, Jessica (OH)
lirette, kellie (OK)
Llewellyn, Autumn (PA)
Llull, Robyn (VA)
Lockhart, Siera (GA)
Locklear, Sherry (VA)
LoCurto, Lisa (TN)
Loeffler, Monica (MO)
Lofland, Denise (OH)
Longeast, Helene (CT)
Lonnemann, Elaine (IN)
Lonnemann, Elaine (IN)
Lonngren, Karalyn (RI)
Loum, Laura (AL)
Lovell, Amy (MA)
Lowe, Ed (MA)
Lowery, Michael, Diane, Jillian (VA)
Luce, Laurie (NY)
Luce, Laurie (NY)
Luchterr, Stephen (VA)
Luebkeman, Karen (NH)
Luikart, Melissa (WV)
Lumpkins, Britney (KY)
Lundberg, Kyla (WA)
lupperger, Frank (NJ)
Lyman, Deborah (KY)
Lynch, Christine (FL)
Lynn, Bonnie (NJ)
Lyon, Michelle (CT)
Lyons, Virginia (TX)
Maddock, Cynthia (IL)
Madison, Michael (NY)
Magaldi, Maria (CT)
Magazzu, Marsha (NJ)
Magazzu, Ron (NJ)
Maggard, Joyce (CA)
Malcolm, Tara (GA)
Maloof, Charisa (AZ)
malouin, cinda (VA)
Manary, Laura (AK)
Mancha, Lisa (MA)
Mancuso, Colleen (MA)
Manning, Celeste (IA)
Manning, Jaydon (IA)
Mannix, Julie (ME)
Maple-Thomas, Jill (KY)
March, Tracy, Lonnie, (WA)
marciano, joyce (NJ)
Maria, Tammy (TN)
Mariannino, Keary (VA)
Markarian, Cori (OK)
Marshall, Erica (OK)
Martin, Elyse (WA)
Martin, Jessica (VT)
Martin, LeAnne (OK)
Martin, Lisa (FL)
Martin, Sophie (CT)
Martinez, Celeste (TN)
Mathae, Miranda (OR)
mathes, alyssa (TX)
Mathews, Sarah (AZ)
Maur, Kathleen (OH)
Maxson, Cynthia (TX)
Maxwell, Paulette (CO)
McAdams, Garry (IN)
mcadams, lynn (NC)
McAdoo, Lynn (TX)
McCauley, Stephanie (PA)
mcclain, tyler (MN)
McCracken, Michaela (MN)
McCraw, Sarah (OR)
McCurry, Gina (TN)
McFerrin, Janis (OR)
McGaughey, Ruth (CA)
McGee, Amber (MI)
McGilsky, Rosella (SC)
McGinnis, Christie (AL)
McGoff, Bethany (TN)
McGuire, Krystal & Michael & Hannah & McKenzie (CA)
McKellips, Kaela (NM)
McLam, Christy (VT)
McLellan, Robert (MA)
McLemore, Tammy (AR)
McManus, Elizabeth (CO)
McMurray, Terri (UT)
Meade, Kristie (TN)
Meadows Yao, Sarah (VA)
Medeiros, Lyndsey (MA)
Meitl, Taylor (KS)
Menard, Tiffany (MS)
Mendoza, Ashley (WA)
Messer, Sandy (WI)
Metcalf, Joy (ME)
Metcalf, Judith (VA)
Meyer, Logan (NJ)
Meyers, Amanda (KS)
Middleton, Nettie (VA)
Mierzejewski, Elizabeth (CT)
Milburn, Laura (CA)
Miles, Destree (TX)
Miller, Christina and Tim (MO)
Miller, David & Elizabeth (AZ)
Miller, Deb (OH)
Miller, Deborah/Robert (OK)
Miller, Elaine (KY)
Miller, Kim (OH)
Miller, Taylor E chambers (AR)
Milliorn, Mila (TX)
Mills, Raymond Roxann Bonnie Julia (MI)
Mitchell, Bobby (MS)
Mobley, Jessie (CA)
Moe, Coleen (NC)
Moelhman, Ann (WA)
Moerbe, Sandra (TX)
http://Tierra Seca Farms
Montana, Wanda (AZ)
Montreuil, Maria (NY)
Mooney, Karen (OR)
Moore, Joey (NC)
Moore, Jordan (TX)
Moore, Sarah (NC)
Morales, Leah (AZ)
Morningstar, Rani (WA)
Morris, Heather (MS)
Morris, Laura (OK)
Morrison, Scott (MI)
Morrison, Scott (MI)
Morriss, Phyllis (ID)
Moseley, Sharon (VA)
Moser, Jacqueline (CA)
Moss, Debra (TX)
Mullen, Larissa (NH)
Mullen, Larissa (NH)
Mullenaux, Kristine (AZ)
mullins, kathleen (VA)
Munawar, Cheyenne (MN)
Murray, Holly or Allen (SC)
Muse, April (TN)
Myers, Melissa (WA)
Myers, Melissa (WA)
Nabors, Jill (TN)
Nafziger, Marci (NY)
Nagle, Judith (NH)
Nance, Katherine (TX)
Napier, Chanda (FL)
Neidt, Colleen (CT)
Neiland, John & Michele (GA)
Nelson, Dawn (TN)
Nelson, Jan (TX)
Nephew, Chelsea (TX)
Nerheim, Heather (NC)
Nettles, Holly (OR)
Nevada, Suzanne (AK)
Newby, Janelle (AR)
Newman, Amy (CO)
Newman, Lauren (CO)
nguyen, asia pacific dairy cattle [ apdc] (CA)
Niemann-Boehle, Deborah (IL)
Niemann-Boehle, Deborah (IL)
Noel, India (NC)
Norman, Darla (CA)
Normile, Kathleen (IL)
Nowicki, Aleesha (MI)
Nunez, Aaren (VA)
Nunez, Aaren (VA)
O'Brion, Andrea (ME)
O'Connor, Rachelle (MO)
O'Dell, Tavin (IN)
Oberloh, Lynn (TN)
Oldenburg, Ashley (CA)
Oller, James (TN)
Olsen, Bethany (PA)
Olson, Vicki (WI)
Olson, Vicki (WI)
Opalecky, Christina (TX)
Ormonde, Amanda (CA)
Ossinger, Kathy (ME)
Pace, Mary Lou (TX)
Packard, Amber (ID)
Painter, Rachel (PA)
Paisley, Sara (OH)
panos, samm (AZ)
http://screaming goat
Paolino, Ondrea (RI)
Parent, Kerry (NH)
Parham, Kathy (TN)
Parker, Chara (KY)
Parker, Penny (OH)
Parker-Jungels, Sondra (AZ)
Parker-Jungels, Sondra (AZ)
Parks, Breanna (CA)
Parks, Liz (IL)
Parks, Nathan (IL)
Parrish, Jennifer (IL)
Payne, Rachel (TN)
Peacock, Colleen (OH)
Pearce, Melissa (IN)
Pearson, Darlene (PA)
Pearson, Taryn (ME)
Pedroza, Matthew (TX)
Pedroza, Matthew (TX)
Pedulla, Antonio (PA)
Pelkey, Brandon (ME)
Pelletier, Marie (ME)
pelzel, renee (TX)
Penick, Michael W. (WA)
Pennell, William (NH)
Peraino, Cheri (VA)
Perez, Kaycee Rein (AZ)
Perkins, Kim (NY)
Permenter, Mary (CA)
Perreault, Jeannette (CA)
Perreault, Kristina (CA)
Peters, Kim (IL)
Peterson, Carole (WA)
Petrilla, Kaylee (CA)
Pfaff, Norma (ID)
Pfiester, Shelly (NV)
Phelps, Deborah (TX)
Phillips, Donna (KY)
Phillips, Jennifer (MO)
Phillips, Jess and Wendy (NJ)
Phillips, Kim (VA)
Phillips, Morgan (GA)
Pierce, Graham (TX)
Pierce, Rodney (NJ)
Pierce , Rodney (NJ)
Pierrotti, Hunter (TX)
Pilkington, Tammy (IL)
Piper, Sarah (OH)
pisarcik, rebecca (PA)
Pitts, Elin (KY)
Planche, Connie (MS)
Plutnick, Katherine (NJ)
Poff, Stephanie (PA)
Porter, Elise (AZ)
Porter, Francine (TN)
Porter, Jon (CA)
Post, Rebecca (AZ)
Post, Whitney (VA)
Potter, Heidi (MI)
Powell, Chris (VA)
powell, sharon (PA)
Powers, Rebecca (VA)
presley, candice (FL)
Puckett, Anita (WA)
Pyper, Amy (AL)
quesenberry, stephanie (VA)
quesenberry, stephanie (VA)
Quilligan, Julie (ID)
Quist, Helen (RI)
Rabon, Amber (FL)
Raines, Nicole (NE)
Rasmuson, Patricia (TX)
Rasmussen, Siena (CA)
Rastorfer, Shannon (AZ)
Ratcliff, Misty (KS)
Ray, Sami (FL)
Ray, Sheryl (WV)
Reardon, Sheena (CA)
Redeker, Anna (TX)
Redmond, Rebecca (CO)
Redmond, Tammy (KY)
Reed, Crosby (NC)
reed, cyndi (WA)
Reed, Hannah (MD)
Regan, Lori (PA)
Rego, Dorothy (AZ)
Reid, Natalie (NH)
Reinhart, Kimberly (DE)
Reithinger, Hannah (NC)
Reynolds, Maria (AL)
richardson, Carrie (VA)
Ricketts, Lisa (TX)
Rickey, TJ (CO)
Riedel, Stephanie (CA)
Riley, Lisa (KY)
Ritchie, Patricia (NC)
Rittle, Chelsea (PA)
Rivas, Alecia (WA)
Robbins, Melanie (MO)
Robbins, Ruthie (NM)
Roberts, Bonnie (LA)
Robertson, Sarah (NC)
Robinett, Jane (AR)
Rodgers, Michelle (TX)
Roe, Laura (MT)
Roman, Lysa (AZ)
Roop, Stacey (NJ)
Roschinsky, Sarah (NY)
Ross, Angie (TN)
Ross, Edie (MO)
Ruggieri, Coleen (NJ)
Rumbaugh, Deidre (NC)
Rune, Terry (AR)
Rush, Rose (MO)
Russell, Beth (NJ)
Russell, Tammy (OR)
Russell(Ciesynski), Valerie (TX)
Ryndak, Danielle (MD)
Sacco, Dana (VA)
Sage, Laura (OR)
Saint-Dennis, Brandi (MI)
Salazar, Michael (TX)
Salyers, Scott (FL)
Samec, Kristen (VA)
Sams, Kimberly (WA)
Sanchez, Sheree (CO)
Sanders, Ashley (CA)
sanderson, HARDY (VA)
Sandlin, Yvette (FL)
Sanford, Michelle Burgess (NC)
Sannan, Joanie (OH)
Sanocki, Kerryann (PA)
Santilli, Kelly (TN)
Sargent, Corinne (IL)
Sargent, Melissa (WA)
Sarnowski, Abby (MD)
Sarver, Julie (PA)
Sasso, Gwyn (NV)
http://Sierra High Desert Nigerians
Satterfield, Carol (CA)
Saul, Sheri (CA)
Saunders, Eran (CA)
savering, heide (TN)
Sawyer, JC (NY)
Scanlon, Liz (NH)
Scarbrough, Joy (GA)
Scarbrough, Joy (GA)
Schalk, Brian (TX)
Schauer-Bewley, Lynn (NY)
Schlichter, Wes (MO)
Schmitt, Melissa (ID)
Schoolcraft, Jessica (WA)
Schossow, Shannon (CO)
Schouten, Brenda (KS)
Schrader, Ken (MI)
Schraufnagel, Alaina (OH)
Schuler, Jessica (ND)
Schultz, Barbara (RI)
schultz, jennifer (IN)
Schutte, Lou Anne (MO)
Scofield, Kaylyn (CO)
Scott, PK (TX)
Scully, Emily (CA)
Searle, Christy (MT)
Seavey, Donna (MS)
Seiler, Cheri (WV)
Selking, Kathy (IN)
Seneca, Penny (LA)
http://1200 Briar Marsh Rd
Seniow, Brenda (NH)
Serfling, Megan (SD)
Setness, David (MN)
Settle, Madeline (NM)
Seymour, Jennifer (NM)
Shaffer, Tom and Amanda (TX)
Shapiro, Sarah (VT)
shavelin, susan (SC)
Shaw, Kathy & Elizabeth (CA)
Shaw, Melody (CO)
Shea, Cynthia (NH)
Shelley, Michael (SC)
Shepherd, Sherry (WV)
Shere, Julie (MN)
Sherwin, Kelly (NC)
Shifflett, Kathy (VA)
Shivvers, Mike (FL)
Shoaf, LW (NC)
Sholly, Darlene (PA)
Shores-Tinker, Sierra (CA)
Showalter, Katherine (VA)
Shrader, Wendy (PA)
Shriner, Sarah (MD)
shumway, shelley (UT)
Sides, Breanna (WA)
Sides, Norma (VA)
Sill, Sandra (WV)
Sill, Sandra (WV)
Silva, Destiny (CA)
Silvera, Angelia (TN)
Silvera, Kaeryn (PA)
Simard, Barbara (NH)
Simmons, Judy (MS)
Simonette, Kathy (PA)
http://www.Maplewood Hill Top Goats
Simpson, Jennifer (TN)
Sims, Shira (TX)
Skinner, Briana (WA)
Slade, Denece (TX)
Slade, Jennifer (NM)
Slagle, Robyn (TX)
Slater, Betheny (MI)
Slaviero, Jennifer (CO)
Slider, Sherrie (MI)
Small, Susannah (PA)
Smart, Stephanie (ME)
Smith, Cathy (TN)
Smith, Chip & Liz (CA)
Smith, Christopher and Suzette (CA)
Smith, Colleen (TX)
Smith, Colleen (TX)
Smith, Cyndi (WA)
Smith, Glenda (AZ)
Smith, Sharon (NH)
Smith, Stacey (MI)
Smith, Stephanie (MD)
Smith, Stephanie (MD)
Smith, Toni (WA)
Smits, Dirk (OH)
Smits, Dirk (OH)
Smolowitz, Roxanna (MA)
Snowdale, Alison (CA)
Snyder, Sheryl (MA)
Solis, Erica (WI)
Sommer, Tracy (NE)
Sorensen, Allison (FL)
sosebee, nicole (TX)
Spaeth, Ken and Angela (TX)
Speicher, Heather (CO)
Spevak, Heather (CA)
St.Germain, Carri (NC)
Staley, Michelle (NC)
Staley, Michelle (NC)
Stalkfleet, Jared and Kelly (MT)
Starnes, Carrie (NC)
Starnes, Summer (MS)
Staveley, Clare (CA)
Steadman, Athena (UT)
Stephens, Gayle (ID)
Sterling, Michelle (PA)
Stewart, Barbara (MO)
Stewart, Catherine (ID)
Stewart, Janelle (VA)
Stewart, Jennifer (TX)
stewart, monique (CA)
Stewart, Patricia (MA)
Stiles, Carlie (OH)
Stiller, Jill (OR)
Stilson, Dawn (MI)
Stone, Katelin (KY)
Storosh, Renee (VA)
Stout, Julie (MI)
Strazdus, Heidi (VA)
Strobl, Kori (CA)
Stubbs, Suzanne (TX)
Studdard, Gena (MO)
Studdard, Michaela (MO)
Stybel, Alyssa (MI)
Sudderth, Victoria (GA)
Suder, Jonathan (TX)
Sullivan, Rebecka (CA)
Summers, Justin (IA)
Summers, Justin (OK)
Suorsa, Cameron (PA)
Swan, Ben (PA)
Sweet, Chloe (OH)
Syperda, Janet (NV)
Taggart, Angel (NC)
Tanner, Jessika (OH)
Taylor, Lisa (CA)
Taylor, Natacha (GA)
Taylor, Stephanie (SC)
Teagarden, Theresa (TN)
Tebbetts, Shae (AR)
Tebbetts, Shae (AR)
Tebbetts, Shae, Duane, Keely, Seth (AR)
Tedesco, Barbara (TN)
Templin, Karlie (WV)
Tenney, Wendy (VA)
Terrell, Delores (GA)
Thomas, Diana (WI)
Thompson, Carol (NY)
Thompson, Donna (VA)
Thompson, Tom (TX)
Thornburg, Michele (AR)
Thornton, Jennifer (PA)
Tilton, Hope (IL)
Timbrook, Tracy (IN)
http://Not yet!
Tirabassi, Rebecca (MA)
Toivainen, Linda (ME)
Tompkins, Sheree (MT)
Tompkins, Sheree (CA)
Toomey, Debbie (CA)
Toth, Lorene (CT)
Trent, Gail (WV)
Trout, Angella (NM)
Trynovich, Pam (PA)
Tucker, Kristina (TN)
Tucker, Michelle (AR)
Tudgay, Martha (ME)
Tully, Crystal (CA)
Tupin, Deborah (VA)
Tyler, Suzanne (NC)
Valentine, Heather (DE)
Vanderford, Linda (MO)
Vanderwyk, Lauren (CA)
vandewalle, cheryl (FL)
Vansell, Tim (MO)
Vasil, Barbara (OH)
Vaughn, Kathleen (MD)
Vaught, Courtney (VA)
Vetters, Camille (KY)
Vinson, Spring (IL)
Vinton, Katie (VT)
Viscotha, Karen (NY)
Vogel, Caitlin (NJ)
Vonderheide, Ellen (NY)
Voss, Kerstin (MA)
Vozar, Barbara (MI)
Vrooman, Beth (GA)
vry, alan (IA)
Wachman, Gila (NJ)
Wagman, Jane (OR)
Wagner, Nicole (NY)
Wagner, Stephanie (NE)
Wainer, Shira (OR)
Walker, Jodi (PA)
Walker, Lou (MO)
Walker, Natalie (MT)
Walker , Patricia (OR)
Wall, Tracey (TX)
Walsh, Phyllis (NY)
Walsh, Tom (NV)
Walters, Sandi (MI)
Walton, Becky (WV)
Walton, Becky (WV)
Walton, Mike & Becky (WV)
Walton, Rebecca (WV)
Walz, Scott (TX)
Wance, Lisa (NJ)
ward, karen (NC)
Warren, Sharon (AZ)
Warwick, Shyra (CO)
Wasell, Paul & Janis (WA)
Watson, Cordula (NE)
Waycaster, Trinity (IL)
Weber, Amanda (CA)
Weber, Cheryl (NY)
Weber, Halie (FL)
Webster, Tara (OH)
Weeks, T (OR)
http://Not Available
Weer, Melinda (WA)
Wehr, Jessica (NC)
Weidner, Megan (OH)
Weilbrenner, Janet (MO)
weinschreider, Joanne (NY)
Weiss, Susan "Kip" (MS)
Welch, Liza (VT)
Wester, Roberta (KS)
Wethey, Guy (PA)
Wetzel, Clara (WA)
Wheatley, Abbie (CA)
Wheeler , Carlene (NH)
Wheeler, Grey (VA)
White, Gina (CT)
White, Lisa (NY)
White, Robin (WA)
White Horse, Kate (OR)
whitehead, Lori (AR)
Whiteley, Naomi (VA)
whithead, Gary (TX)
Whitney, Karin (ME)
Whittle, Kristen (MA)
Whybrew, Anthony (MI)
Wicker, Elizabeth (IL)
Wickliffe, Cynthia (TX)
Wiegand, Jennifer (GA)
Wiegand, Jennifer (GA)
Wilcox, J Michael (NC)
Wilcox, Jacqui (WA)
Wilcox, Kylee (WA)
Wiley, Melissa (VA)
Wilhelm, Lacey (ND)
Wilke, Lesa (OH)
Wilkes, Fred (OH)
Willard, Penelope (OH)
Williams, Alicia (ME)
Williams, Holly (LA)
Williams, Joyce (CT)
Williams, Karen (TN)
Williams, Karen (MO)
Williams, Kimberly (TX)
Williams, Stephanie (AR)
Williford, Katia (MA)
Wilson, Chris (KS)
Wilson, Colton (OK)
Wilson, Owetha (OK)
Winand, Katie (VA)
Winter, Debra (TN)
Winters, Katherine (MO)
Wisely, Tammy (TX)
Wishon, Karen (OK)
Wisner, Nancy C. (VT)
Witt, Valerie (WA)
Witte, Deanna (WI)
Witte, Tiffany (TX)
Woehr, Vicki (SC)
Wolf, Renee (CA)
Wolverton , Christina (NJ)
Wood, Barbara (FL)
Woodring, Jon (NC)
Wright, Ashley (WA)
Wright, Cheryl (FL)
Wright, Mary (CO)
Wright, Melinda (CA)
Wright, Shannon (NV)
Wylie, Sheri (TN)
Wyman, Lori (WV)
Yager, Cindy (WA)
Yates, Gina (SC)
Yeske, Lori (NJ)
Yeske, Lori (NJ)
Young, Angel (TX)
Young, Shelley (CA)
Zenteno, Nicole (CO)
Zisk, Aaron (ID)
Zoller, Ned (CA)

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