AGS Committees

Please contact the office at: [email protected] for a current list.

Awards: Makes recommendations to BOD concerning Lincoln Doe awards & rules. They also make recommendations for individual awards of merit (i.e. director emeritus, life membership award, outstanding service etc)

Breeds & Registration/ AI & ET: Propose registration rules & standards that help maintain the integrity of pedigrees & herd books. Serve as the coordinating & screening committee for any suggested changes or additions to the breed standards as requested by the breed clubs before they are presented to the Board. All breeds' issues should be worked on through this committee in conjunction with individual breed clubs as they pertain to AGS purebred dairy breeds.

Budget: Develops budget recommendations for the BOD for the coming year. This includes recommendations for necessary fee increases & rate changes based on current costs & past Membership/Registrations/Transfers of the society.

Complaint/Arbitration: Handles official complaints filed by members in good standing & makes recommendations to the BOD (due to the nature of the committee it is limited to BOD members only)

Bylaws: Reviews current AGS Bylaws and makes recommendations to the BOD for changes.

DHI: Handles current issues for DHIR & top ten recognition as well as AGS milking requirements & forms.

Election/Nomination: Puts together a slate of qualified candidates for the general election to the board, based on nominations & input from the members.

Historian: Compiles all forms of data on the history of AGS, Example: all known issues of the Voice, Board minutes & decisions by year, policy changes/dates, photos & publications etc.

Judges/Classification: Makes recommendations to the BOD on issues relating to judges training as well as complaints filed against judges or shows. (ideally 2/3 judges 1/3 other members)

Show Rules: Clarifies & writes recommendations to BOD concerning show rules for AGS shows. Also reviews any proposed changes to show forms etc. Reviews disputed show results & works with Office to resolve.

National Show/Convention: works on guidelines & recommendations for BOD & solicits future sites for convention and/or national shows.

National Show Coordinator:

Public Relations/Products & Public Awareness: develops advertising & promotional materials benefiting AGS. Website issues. Also keeps members informed on issues involving the dairy goat industry or AGS.

Publications: Oversees & manages all member publications such as the Voice & Member Handbook.

Scholarship: Reviews scholarship applications submitted & makes recommendations to the BOD if all qualifications are met.

Youth Committee: Develops & recommends programs & activities designed to promote youth participation & awareness in the dairy goat industry.

Data Management: Pertinent data management issues deemed necessary by the board.

Purebred DAIRY GOAT Registry