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ND Suggested Colors & Patterns

Suggested Standard Colors/Pattern Descriptions for Nigerian Dwarfs. Click on thumbnails for a closer look.


Basic Color Families

MCHGoodwoodFox.JPG (14528 bytes)

MCH Buttin'Heads Camisole.jpg (19775 bytes)

MCHPiddlinAcresChittyBangBang.JPG (7615 bytes)

HBFLuckeyStrike100701.jpg (66829 bytes)

ranges from a very dark black to a black that has red tones and almost looks brown

Suggested browns: chocolate, very dark brown, medium browns and light browns. Lighter browns a probably brown roan

cream, gold, dark gold and red gold are suggested color names

White Gold
coat appears to be white, but is genetically gold

Patterns and Markings

Shiloh091600.jpg (21985 bytes) GMBlueMegRyan.jpg (4906 bytes) ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree +S.jpg (16664 bytes) zinnia102100.JPG (10293 bytes)

Belted or Banded
A full or partial white band around the middle of the goat - can be broken or spotted

Black and Tan Black body with tan
facial stripes and socks (not buckskin)

Same color on cape, legs, facial and dorsal stripe and tail. This pattern is usually a dark cape and light rump. Can be broken with white and other other color markings.

Light bay to dark mahogany with black or dark brown dorsal, belly and legs

HelloDolly.jpg (30188 bytes) MCHPADiamondDeb.JPG (34033 bytes) Bubbles.JPG (8780 bytes)

coat is mostly white with dark markings usually on the head and sometimes the legs. Body can be lightly spotted

overlaid on buckskin pattern - note tricolor leg markings

a coat of any color that is thickly sprinkled with white hairs

irregular white patches of white and black or other dark color

MCHPABlueThunder.JPG (8606 bytes) ARMCHGoodwoodWaterLilly.jpg (88146 bytes) Weisbaden.jpg (10050 bytes)

Random Markings
Can be minimal or extensive and combined with any color or color pattern

ARMCHRosasharnsGuadalupeMoteeada.jpg (110515 bytes) Picture Coming Soon OMFFionafacialstripes.jpg (28682 bytes)
PAImageMarker.jpg (63641 bytes)

Moon Spots

Random spots of any color superimposed over a coat of any color

Dorsal Stripe

A darker stripe running down the dorsal (back)

Facial Stripes
Darker stripes running down from the eyes to the same point on each side of the nose
Left -  as part of the buckskin pattern
Right - facial stripes on gold

Kryskids070202.jpg (13905 bytes) Ellaveeblueeyes.jpg (27676 bytes)    

Frosted ears and nose

White hairs around the nose and/or ears that can very light to heavy

Blue Eyes    

By using a combination of the above colors and patterns, dwarves can be described briefly and accurately on the registration application, with the meaning of the terms understood by all breeders. 

These pattern and color definitions are suggested for use but are not required.

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