AGS Recommended Fair Trade Policy

AGS does not enforce contracts between individuals.
The transfer or sale of the goat described hereby is done under the following FAIR TRADE PRACTICES:

  1. Both the seller and purchaser know before the transfer whether the goat is purebred registered, grade recorded, or grade with no record. Misrepresentation shall nullify the sale and entitle purchaser to return of all money.

  2. The breeder shall insert tattoo marks before sale and delivery of each animal registered and sold.

  3. Buyer and seller should make a written agreement as to what specifically will be done on each parties part should the animal prove infertile. That agreement should include age to judge the animal infertile, whether the animal should be returned and purchase price refunded, or will be replaced-how and with what, which party pays other costs if any are involved, etc.

  4. If the animal sold is a bred doe, both seller and purchaser should distinctly understand whether the doe is guaranteed with kid or merely presumed with kid. In the case “guaranteed” the seller shall make satisfactory exchange for another animal or refund the breeding fee if the doe is not with kid. In the other case, the purchaser assumes responsibility.

  5. The full purchase price shall be paid before delivery of the goat with proper registration papers, accompanied by the duly signed transfer papers. It is the duty of the seller to complete all necessary records or transfers concerning title to the buyer.

  6. The purchaser shall assume transportation costs of animals purchased. This includes transportation costs of animals returned to seller.

  7. The owner of a buck cannot guarantee that a doe will be with kid, but he shall provide, without further cost, a second mating if desired within seven months of the first service.

  8. The goat transferred or sold shall be in good health and conform to tattoo and other markings given on its registration certificate.

  9. The purchaser must report to seller any dissatisfaction and claim for adjustment with animal within ten days, except in case of infertility.

  10. A.G.S. is not responsible for sales between individuals but strongly encourages written sales agreements between both parties. These Fair Trade Rules are designed only as guidelines to assist both buyer and seller to make satisfactory arrangements in the exchange of dairy goats. AGS does not enforce contracts between individuals.

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