Fees & Services

  Work Order Form/Rate Sheet
(annual memberships run Jan-Dec)

Individual Membership
Senior Membership
Junior Membership (under 18)
Family Membership
Life Membership
Current members that renew before 12/31 are eligible for a $5 discount.
All memberships run from January to December.
New memberships after October 1, will carry to following December.
Registration Type Member Non-Member
Doe/Wether under 30 months $5.00 $10.00
Doe/Wether 30 months or over $7.00 $14.00
Doe/Wether under 30 months $5.00 $10.00
Bucks under 24 months $7.00 $14.00
Bucks over 24 months $10.00 $20.00
Transfer to new owner $3.00 $10.00
Revision of certificate $3.00 $5.00
Master Champion Certificate $3.00 NA
Duplicate certificate $3.00 $5.00
5-Generation Pedigree $6.00 $25.00
Herd Name and Tattoo Registration $10.00 $20.00
Re-Registration fee (ADGA/CGS this fee is in addition to the regular registration fee) $3.00 ---
Tattoo Registration included free with Herd name Classification per goat (includes certificate) $10.00 - Contact office for more info ---
Fax Service Fee $0.50 per page with a minimum of $2.00 ---
Herd fee (official 305 day test)
annual herd fee plus $1.00 per doe per lactation
Herd fee (if renewed by January 31)
DHI info packet
No charge for members
AR certificate
Star/Plus certificate
One-Day Test permit (at farm, one owner)
$10.00 plus $2.00 per animal
Group One Day Test permit
(No limit on number of animals or owners. Must be applied for 60+ days in advance)
$25.00 plus $2.00 per animal
Single breed (per show)
Each additional sanction (when applied for at the same time)

The scale for 3 sanctions (i.e., Sr. does, Jr. does, Bucks) for one breed would be:

  • $40 (60 days in advance)
  • $50 (30-59 days in advance)
  • $5 (Each additional breed per sanction)
All these are based on the "60 or more days before the show" price.

Sr. doe sanction = $20
- each additional breed $5 (so if I wanted to sanction all 9 breeds of Sr. does, it would be another $40) = Total $60

Second sanction in the same show-$10 Jr. does +$40 ($5 per breed) = Total $50

Third sanction in same show-$10 Bucks + $40($5 per breed) = Total $50

For a total of $160 which includes Best Udder rosettes in the senior doe sanction as well as Grand & Reserve rosettes and CC if offered.

Additionally, you get the certificates for all the sanctioned breeds. Please see show sanction rate sheet or contact the office for more information.

Reduced rate sanction
AGS offers a discounted (reduced rate) show sanction that does not include rosettes or award certificates. This service was added to assist our members in hosting or dual sanctioning shows. The rate is $10 for a single breed sanction. Members who win Grand or Reserve at these shows may request a rosette and certificate from the AGS office for a $5 fee. (BOD 2005) Contact the office for more details.

Show sanction information packet
No charge
AGS already provides at no additional charge, a show win notification card when an animal receives a leg. A new service called a Show Win List is now available for a $2 fee. This $2 fee is per animal and the win list includes the name of the animal, registration number and all wins recorded (including the number of official legs recorded). (BOD 2007)
Official Judges training manual
First Time Candidates (includes pre-TC)
Full Auditors (includes pre-TC)
Pre-TC only
Classroom only audits
One time license activation fee
Annual license renewal fee (if paid before January 1)
Annual license renewal fee (if paid after January 1, but before February 1)
Contact Judges Training Committee for more information.
Brochures (Join AGS, Beginners guide & ABC’s of milk testing) depending on quantity
Registration applications
No charge
Bills of Sale
No charge
Service Memos
No charge
AGS Scholarship forms and information
No charge
A.I. collection forms
No charge
Show Win Acceptance Forms
$1.00 each or 5/$3.00
Members Handbook (included with membership) - additional copies
Official Measuring Device
(includes shipping and handling)
$35 plus actual shipping costs (generally between $6-$9)
AGS Cookbook
(includes shipping and handling)
AGS Members sign (9” x 12” aluminum)
(includes shipping and handling)
  • All fees listed are for Members. Non –member fees are double except where noted.
  • Rush fees are double + PREPAID rush postage RETURN envelope must be included with order.
  • If printed certificates issued by the AGS office become lost in the mail the office will replace those certificates upon payment of the duplicate certificate fee, at current rates. (BOD 2006)
  • AGS does not forward work -All work will be returned to the individual who submitted it. (BOD 2006)

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