Forms & Brochures

This page contains links to forms you will need to request work from the AGS Office. These forms can be downloaded to your computer for easy printing and are accepted by the office for membership use. (For additional forms, please contact the AGS office.)

Milk Testing (DHI)

Going on Milk Test with AGS
DHI Rules and Procedures:  Word  |   PDF
Application for Group One Day Milk Test:  Word  |   PDF
Application for Single Herd Day Milk Test:  Word  |   PDF
Application for DHIR Testing:  Word  |   PDF
DHI Verification Form

Show Sanction

Show Sanction Application


Schedule/Application:  Word  |   PDF


AGS Scholarship Application:  Word  |   PDF

Promotional & Educational Brochures

These brochures can be printed and used by any of our members as tools to educate potential and new goat owners, as well as to promote our registry and the dairy goat industry in general. These are tri-fold brochures and print best in high resolution on good quality paper. They are large files and may take some time to download on computers with slower connections speeds.

Introduction to the American Goat Society
An introduction to the registry, its history, breeds registered and member benefits and programs.
Includes a membership application.

Beginners Guide to Dairy Goats
An introduction to the dairy breeds, purchasing, housing, feeding, health care, milking, breeding and kidding.
Space on the back for a membership contact to find out more.

ABC's of Milk Testing
Explains in detail how to get started on official DHI test, explanation of rules, how to read milk records and titles, and a chart of milk production standards.

Showmanship Guide
An excellent guide for beginners and more experienced show persons, young and old.
Covers how to prepare yourself and your animal, proper attire, grooming and ring procedure.

Ariticial Insemination

These forms must be done in triplicate either by using carbon copy or by making three copies.

Buck Collection Memo
AI Service Memo

Purebred DAIRY GOAT Registry