Lincoln Dairy Herd

Lincoln Awards

These awards are presented annually at the Board of Directors meeting or summer event. 1st place is $25.00, 2nd place is $15.00 and 3rd place is $10.00. The money comes from a fund created by the late Mrs. J.C. Lincoln. They are awarded to the three does in each breed that have given the highest amount of milk in 305 days or less during the year.


  • Does must be AGS registered
  • Does must be on DHIR test with AGS
  • Does must have had a verification test during the qualifying lactation
Mrs. J.C. Lincoln was a past president of AGS and both a strong supporter of the organization and promoter of dairy goats in general. She raised a herd of prize winning Nubians under the herd name of ‘Desert’ Nubians. Mrs. Lincoln raised Nubians for 20 years and donated her herd of 17 goats to Arizona State University in 1967. She was a strong believer in goat milk and drank it daily most of her life. She was a philanthropist, whose generous donations to John C. Lincoln Hospital & Health Center, Phoenix Boys Choir, Heard Museum, YMCA Say Y Camp and AGS have been put to many good uses. Mrs. Lincoln had a simple philosophy about philanthropy…

“If you have more money than you need for bread and beans, give it to somebody else. I just did what had to be done.”
Mrs. Lincoln died on November 12, 1994, at the age of 103. We are honored to have had such a selfless, caring individual involved with AGS.

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