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AGS Nationals T-Shirts • $5.00
Shipping: 1-6 Shirts: $7.00 / 7 or more Shirts: $8.95

AGS T-Shirts • $10.00 (2X & Up: add $2.00)
T-shirts are available in black, white, navy, kelly green, ultramarine and purple. Not all colors available in all sizes. Call for availability.

Logo is located on back of shirt. Front is left blank for you to have personalized. Heavyweight cotton or cotton blend takes embroidery well.
Shipping: 1-6 Shirts: $7.00 / 7 or more Shirts: $8.95

Signage & Decals

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Fundamentals of Improved Dairy Goat Management
American Goat Society Judges Manual - 2006 Edition
$20.00 for Members / $40.00 for Non Members


Member's Stick
This measuring stick does not break down.

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