Milk Production Awards

In The Milk Pail
As a dairy goat registry that places an emphasis on productive, functional animals, AGS is proud of its milk testing program. AGS offers Advanced Registry (AR) recognition of dairy goats that have met minimum production requirements by means of official DHI or DHIR production testing. Group testing is accepted by AGS, as is any other method acceptable to the local extension agent and state DHIA. In conjunction with AR status, the AGS star (*D) program provides production information for those animals that have met the production requirements for either continuous test or one-day test.

Annual Production Awards

Top Ten Awards
The Top Ten is an annual listing of the ten most productive does, listed by breed, for the year lactations of 305 days or less were completed. The awards are given for categories of pounds of milk, butterfat, and protein. There are also All-Time awards in all categories plus some others. The Top Ten booklet also lists all the records completed in the year, regardless of whether they qualified or not.

It also lists the Top Ten for does participating in one-day tests during the year. The awards are given for categories of pounds of milk given, butterfat percent, and days in milk. The booklet also lists all the records made on one-day tests in the year, regardless of whether they qualified or not.

Booklets are given without charge to herd owners participating in DHIR. They are available for $5.00 per copy to everybody else. Miniature does that are over-height are not eligible for Top Ten awards, even though they have earned a star/AR.

A huge Thank You to our past DHI Coordinator Gail Putcher for her years of tireless work in compiling all of AGS milk records. Gail retired in 2018, after her retirement Kathy Winters graciously agreed to be interim DHI Coordinator in her absence. We appreciate Kathy's time and hard work over the past year. In 2019 the BOD decided to bring the DHI program back into the office. It was never intended to stay out of the office as long as it did. We definitely appreciate the hard work put in by Gail and Kathy, but are excited to have all program aspects to be handled in house. This should make for a smoother and easier process because all correspondence and payments will be going to one place and one address.

Any questions regarding DHI can be directed to Amy Kowalik, AGS Office Manager at [email protected].
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