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Advanced Registry



Advanced Registry (AR) awards are given to qualifying does participating in the Dairy Herd Improvement Registry (DHIR).  Both the AR title and the star title are awarded.  For instance, a qualifying doe will be called an AR star doe. 
A doe qualifies for an AR and a *D title if she meets the minimum requirement for either milk or butterfat during any lactation of 305 days or less.

A doe may have multiple stars.  If her dam is a *D, she is a 2*D.  If her daughter earns a star, the daughter is a 3*D. 

There is no limit to the number of stars a doe can have.


Qualifying sires earn a plus sire (+S) title.  For instance, a qualifying sire will be called +S (AR Herd Sire).

A buck earns the title of +S (AR Herd Sire) through his progeny under one of the following circumstances:

  • Three AR daughters (must be out of three different dams)
  • or two sons who are AR herd sires (not necessarily out of different dams)
  • or two AR daughters and one AR herd sire son  (not necessarily out of different dams)

He can earn the title of ++S by qualifying with three AR daughters and two AR herd sires.

Bucks are limited to two pluses.

A buck can also qualify for a *S title by birth through one of the following circumstances:

  • his dam is a *D and his sire is either a *S or +S 
  • both his dam and his sire’s dam are *D’s and both of these does qualified for both milk and butterfat

A buck is limited to one *S.

Therefore, if a buck’s dam is a *D and his sire is either a *S or a +S, and the buck himself has qualified for two pluses through his progeny, his title is ++*S.

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