*If you have purchased this animal and you are NOT the breeder, you MUST submit the paper copy showing the breeders signature to the office via fax, mail or email we cannot accept them online.

*ONLY if you are the breeder of this animal can you use the online registration feature and only if you already have registered your herd name with AGS.

*If the application is missing any information or you are not the proper person to be submitting the application, the application will not be processed, and it will be discarded. NO EXCEPTIONS.

IF THIS ANIMAL IS ADGA ONLY REGISTERED DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REGISTER ONLINE EMAIL US A COPY OF THE ACTUAL ADGA PAPERS to [email protected] (copies of stamped duplicates are also acceptable)

*If the parents are only ADGA Registered you must email us a copy of their ADGA papers to the email below.

Payment can be sent via Paypal to [email protected] please put "online registrations" in the memo section of your payment.

(Animals name must include registered herd prefix and is limited to a maximum of 30 characters)

(Description limited to 100 characters)

(Applications will not be accepted without your member ID.)


  1. Each animal to be registered must have a name. Names must be short. Herd names must be registered with the Society. In order to avoid duplications the Office Manager may offer a substitute name. Names cannot be changed after registration is completed. The animal's name is to begin with the breeder's herd name.
  2. The breeder of an animal is the person who owns the dam at the time of buck service. If the breeder is not the owner of the buck, a Service Memo signed by the owner of the buck will be required.
  3. When a registered goat is sold that animal's certificate must be returned with signed bill of sale and the transfer recorded before its progeny can be registered.
  4. Unsound or unworthy individual animals, or those not having the standard breed characteristics of color, should not be presented for registry. Such animals will not be registered in the Herd Books of this Society when the facts are known. False and unworthy registrations will be cancelled without refund.
  5. A recognized purebred is one sired by a purebred registered sire and from a purebred, registered dam of the same breed. The animal should have the standard breed characteristics as to color and/or type. The registry number is preceded by a letter indication the breed thus: FA -Alpine; N -Nubian; S - Saanen; T - Toggenburg; P - Pygmy LM - LaMancha; SA - Oberhasli SB - Sable; D - Nigerian Dwarf
  6. Under color description, give specific color markings. Disbudding or otherwise removing horns does not make the animal hornless.
  7. All animals presented for registration must be assigned a tattoo prior to registration. Year - 2014 (E); 2015 (F); 2016 (H) and following the alphabet with the exception of the letter (G, I, O, Q, U). The animal must be tattooed and/or microchipped prior to registration. Tattoos must be assigned even if the animal is microchipped.
  8. If the dam and/or sire is only ADGA registered, a photo copy of that ADGA certificate must accompany this application. If the animal to being re- registered based on ADGA papers, then the AGS office must have a photo copy of this animal's purebred certificate.
  9. It is not necessary that a person be a member of this Society in order to have goats registered. The applicant is required to furnish the information, signatures and appropriate fee necessary for the completion of the registration.
  10. If the sold to line is filled in above this is a registration with transfer and both fees apply.

Purebred DAIRY GOAT Registry