The American Goat Society is dedicated to the dissemination of educational material and promotional material on the dairy goat. Because of this dedication, AGS publishes:

  • The Members Handbook
  • The Voice of AGS
  • Members Roster
  • Judges Training Manual
  • Milk Production Awards Booklet
  • Miscellaneous pamphlets
The Voice of AGS is distributed quarterly (spring, summer, fall, winter) This publication tries to keep AGS members informed about what AGS is doing, the actions and decisions of the Board of Directors, and scheduled activities. It also runs informational and educational articles.

The Members Handbook should be printed and mailed in October of each year the new one is printed. This will enable us to get the most current information to the members in a timely manner and will reach the most members by mailing at a time of year when our membership numbers are highest. This will also be the most economical time of year considering mailing costs. (BOD 2003)

Purebred DAIRY GOAT Registry