Show Win Form

When a show is dually sanctioned by AGS and either ADGA or CGS, the AGS sanction will take precedence. The AGS Report of Awards (ROA) will be the basis for awarding of any AGS legs for the show. AGS will not accept a 'show win form' from a dual sanctioned show. Only one leg per show may be awarded to an animal and that will be based on the AGS sanction. (BOD 2007)

All information, including signatures by all parties, shall be fully and correctly recorded on the show report form when it is first received by the AGS office. Such reports shall not be added to nor changed by anyone after completion of the show, except by review and action of the AGS Show Rules committee. Wins are not official until recorded by the office. The Committee's findings are final and their decision will be submitted in writing to the appropriate show Chairperson and the AGS office for recording within 30 days of their decision.

AGS recognizes the wins of AGS registered animals in ADGA or CGS sanctioned shows and awards a leg to the Grand Champion if all requirements are met and the “Show Win Acceptance Form” is filled out properly and returned to the AGS office within 30 days of the show. This Form should be mailed in by awarding judge.

There is a $10 processing fee which must be paid to the AGS office by the owner before the form will be processed. Half of this processing fee will be sent to the awarding judge after the AGS has processed the show win. If the judge prefers not to receive their portion of the processing fee, they may choose to either have their portion reimbursed to the exhibitor or they may donate it to the AGS Youth Fund.

A leg won by a non-AGS registered animal in an ADGA/CGS sanctioned show may be applied for if the animal is registered with AGS within 30 days of the show date. A maximum of two legs towards AGS MCH status may be won at ADGA/CGS sanctioned shows.

The AGS Show Win Acceptance Form is a triplicate form that is available from the AGS office. It must be filled out completely and signed by both exhibitor and judge. Miniature breeds must be measured by the judge and that measurement must be recorded on the form for any win to be considered.

Here are step by step guidelines for filling out the form:

Name of Show – this is the name of the fair or other name for the show. Examples might be New Mexico State Fair, Jefferson County Fair, or Caprine Capers.

Sanctioned by - circle if the show is officially sanctioned by ADGA or CGS. Remember if the show is dual sanctioned by AGS then you will not be filling out a show win form.

Date of Show – date the show is held

Location – this is the name of the city or town where the show is held.

Type of show – circle the appropriate type of show. You would circle the one that applies to the sanction your animal one in. Choices are Junior Doe Show, Senior Doe Show, Combined Doe Show (this is when junior and senior does are not sanctioned separately) and Bucks.

Breed Sanctioned – this would be the breed of your animal that won. If your goat won in the Nigerian Dwarf division then you would write in Nigerian Dwarf.

AOP – if your animal was shown in the AOP (all other purebreds) division of the show then you would check this space.

Youth Show – if the show in which your animal won was restricted to youth only then you would place a check in this space.

Name of Animal – this is the AGS registered name of the animal that won. DO NOT write in the ADGA name of the animal. AGS registered names do not start with the letters ‘AGS’.

AGS registration number – this is the number taken from the top right corner of the animals AGS registration certificate. If you write in the ADGA or CGS registration number, the win will not count.

Tattoo – these are the tattoos as read by the judge

Microchip – this is the microchip (if chipped) as read by the judge.

Height – must be measured by the judge using an official device.

Type of Win – circle the correct type of win. If your animal wins reserve, you would only want to send in a show win form IF the grand was an AGS finished champion. In such cases the name of the finished AGS champion that was grand should be listed in the notes section at the bottom.

Number show in sanction – this is the number of animals shown under the sanction in which your animal won. Example: if your animal won the senior LaMancha sanction then you would write in the number of LaMancha senior does shown at this show.

Number of Classes – this would be the number of classes in which animals were entered for your breed and in the sanction you entered. Example: if you were showing a Nubian senior doe and there were seven different age classes with Nubian senior does entered, you would write in seven.

Number of Exhibitors – this is the number of different owners that participated in the sanction that you won. Note: this may or may not be the number of people showing in the ring at one time. If there were three different owners that brought animals to show and nine animals were being shown with the assistance of extra handlers, the number of exhibitors is 3 not 9.

Was the champion in milk? – You would circle yes or no if your doe was in milk. This question is for senior does only and does not apply to junior does.

Number of does in milk – this would be the total number of does that were in milk for the sanction you entered. If you were showing a Saanen senior doe and there were eleven Saanen senior does shown at the show but one was dry, the number entered here would be 10.

If this was a buck show write in the number of bucks under one year and the number of bucks over one year for the sanction you entered. If your animal that won is not a buck you can leave this blank.

After ALL information is filled in; you must write in your name and then sign the form.

The judge would also need to write in his/her name and sign the form. The judge may at his/her discretion check one of the boxes below the signature line stating they do not wish to receive their $5 share of the fee. Checking the appropriate box will either refund their share to the exhibitor or donate their share to the AGS Youth Fund.

The Judge will keep the yellow copy and send the original to the AGS office. You as the exhibitor will keep the pink copy for your records. As the exhibitor it is YOUR responsibility to provide a stamped envelope, addressed to the AGS office, to the judge for mailing in the form. The exhibitor should make out a check to AGS for $10 for each show win form submitted. No win will be processed unless the proper fees are submitted.

You will need to contact the AGS office for the form.

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