Re-Registration Policy

AGS registers only animals of proven pure pedigree. AGS recognizes registration certificates of ADGA and CGS for re-registration purposes, furthermore, AGS recognizes only multi breed dairy goat registries excluding privately owned multi breed registries. Purebred certificates of registration from the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) are accepted at face value as long as Americans are not allowed into their closed herd books. Canadian certificates are accepted if it can be proven that no non-purebred animals are in the pedigree. When animals from another registry are applied for, a photocopy of the certificates from the other registry should be sent in with the application and the fee. When applying for re-registration of an animal from another registry, the member should fill out an A.G.S. application for the office files, even though the other certificate is submitted.

The application is to be filled out completely and accurately and sent with correct fees to the A.G.S. office, which responds as soon as possible with a completed Certificate of Registration.


When an animal is re-registered in AGS, coming from another registry (ADGA/CGS), sometimes that animal has other symbol designations for show wins and production awards, such as GCH, CH *M, or *B, etc. Such symbols are granted by other registries. AGS recognizes the animals previously earned milk production awards, if the other organization has standards that equal those of AGS.

AGS will recognize two show wins of a 'finished champion' if the transferee provides, at the time of transfer, a copy of the Certificate of Championship noting the show, date, number of goats and judge of each show where the wins were acquired.

Purebred DAIRY GOAT Registry